Jaycee Warfield

Jaycee Warfield learned about Vancouver Adapted Music Society on the Internet and contacted program coordinator Graeme Wyman, to learn more. Liking what she heard, she started coming to the studio…Continue readingJaycee Warfield

Bobbi Style

Bobbi Style is a British artist and producer who now lives in the Vancouver area of BC, Canada. He has enjoyed supporting VAMS over the years and has assisted on…Continue readingBobbi Style

Jeff Standfield

Jeff Standfield grew up on the West Coast, and has been songwriting, playing guitar and harmonica and singing since he was a boy. Jeff is a regular on the Vancouver…Continue readingJeff Standfield

Glenn David Loft

Glenn David Loft established himself as one of Canada’s top sales presenters with Ford Motor Company. And, after a vehicle accident 2008 with a degenerative condition got involved as a featured artist…Continue readingGlenn David Loft

Rolf Kempf

Rolf Kempf is a singer, songwriter, poet, and music producer. He wrote the international hit Hello, Hurray, recorded first by Judy Collins and then by Alice Cooper. Rolf regularly performs original…Continue readingRolf Kempf

Steve Grout

Steve Grout has played and recorded with many bands over the past two decades or so but really came into his own with the 2006 release of his solo debut Way…Continue readingSteve Grout

Dave Symington

Dave Symington has had a disability (C5-6 quadriplegic) since a diving accident in 1975. He has been involved in disability advocacy, program and service development, and community integration for almost…Continue readingDave Symington

Digger Dan

Digger Dan started playing guitar at 20, and was content to jam with buddies and play at the odd open mic until he was injured at 27. Music then began…Continue readingDigger Dan

Kristina Shelden

Kristina Shelden is a Vancouver based singer, songwriter and performer. Her voice smoulders in jazzy, soulful, and indie folk genres. Kristina started performing at an early age in choirs, musicals,…Continue readingKristina Shelden

Simon Paradis

Simon Paradis is a graduate of Concordia University’s Integrative Music Arts program and has been playing in blues, rock, country and roots bands across Canada for 30 years. He has appeared…Continue readingSimon Paradis