Emily Wong

British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS) is incredibly grateful for volunteers like Emily Wong. Emily has been a BCMOS volunteer since the summer of 2022, working with its members to help them lead more fulfilling lives. Thanks to her, the society has someone to guide and mentor passionate paddling participants on the water.

Looking for volunteering opportunities last summer while working at False Creek Ferries, a friend pointed her toward the British Columbia Mobility Opportunities Society. Emily loves being on the water, shown through her work as a ferry driver and the volunteering opportunities she seeks. For her, volunteering with BCMOS is a way to be part of something larger than herself, saying, “It was… being able to be a part of something larger than myself and to allow these people to have still the ability to go out on the water, to enjoy life, to enjoy things that they otherwise probably would not be able to enjoy on their own.”

She enjoys hearing the participants’ stories and experiences of adversity and triumph and connecting with them as a volunteer. Emily explains that, “when you’re one-on-one on the water, there’s something very freeing about it and something about… the beauty surrounding us that makes people want to share personal aspects of their lives or things they’ve learned. And I think through that I’ve learned a lot about myself as well.”

Emily Wong enjoying a leisurely afternoon at a lake
Emily Wong enjoying a leisurely afternoon at a lake

Volunteering at BCMOS helped her feel comfortable in situations where she initially felt uncomfortable. She says, “I learned how to be competent and various situations that I was very uncomfortable in before, but they… guided me along.”

She explained her philosophy around volunteering: “I almost want to be just the conduit to help these people do the activities that they want to do.” Emily says her role is to provide support and help, adding, “This activity is for them, and I’m really… there to act as a support system if they need help, but this is fully for their enjoyment.”

Emily’s commitment to supporting and connecting with BCMOS clients is truly inspiring, helping them see that their dreams and ambitions are within reach. If you want to try volunteering with BCMOS or another society you haven’t worked with before, we are continually looking for new faces to support our programs. Email Sheryl at volunteer@disabiltyfoundation.org to find out more.