Vancouver Adapted Music Society celebrates 30 years of supporting artists with disabilities in 2018.

​VAMS provides opportunities for people with physical disabilities to learn, record and perform music – a form of self-expression that’s also an opportunity to re-imagine what’s possible.

​”The power of music can inspire people, bring people together, help to find ones self and enrich life for yourself and those around you,” says program coordinator Graeme Wyman. 

​”Music can also make a powerful impact to form and create a community as well as give a sense of control to someone’s life. These qualities and more are what we strive to create, develop and mature at the Vancouver Adapted Music Society.” 

​When the new expanded music studio is complete, we hope to bring many more people with disabilities through a musical experience that can inspire and transform both the musician and audience. Every time a VAMS musicians takes to the stage it shows the would that disability is not a barrier to creativity. 

“When you have a disability you need an outlet more than ever” – Codi Punnet

Music is an opportunity for self-expression, an outlet for creativity that can help improve quality of life. 

​Consider making a donation today so that more people with disabilities can experience an outlet for creativity and self-expression.