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Our highest priority is the well-being of our community of affiliated Societies’ participants, employees, volunteers and partners. The recent determination of the COVID-19 as a global pandemic has prompted our management team to take both short term and longer-term steps to reduce the risk of transmission.
Effective immediately, large group activities in public spaces have been suspended. These include:

  • DIGA’s workshop (March 19)
  • VAMS’s gig at Havana (March 26)
  • ConnecTra’s Abilities
    Expo (April 7)

All locations where programs and activities are delivered, including BCMOS hiking and paddling centres, the DSA sailing centre at Jericho, and VAMS studio, will have appropriate hospital-grade cleaning products, along with posted reminders and checklists for personal steps to take to reduce the risk of transmission. Like all of you, we will continue to monitor the evolving development of this public health issue. In the meantime, we are all reminded to have calm and mindful consideration as to how we individually respond to and reduce the spread of COVID-19. Please be well.


Ruby Ng

Executive Director

Meet the Studio Team

Dave Symington
Dave Symington

Co-founder, Volunteer

Graeme Wyman
Graeme Wyman

 Program Coordinator

Record in the Studio

The Vancouver Adapted Music Society operates Canada’s only fully-accessible recording studio.

Every aspect of our studio, located at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, was designed to allow access by people using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Keyboards and mixing equipment are roll-under, microphones are height-adjustable, and we use oversized control switches wherever possible for people with limited dexterity.

We also have a range of innovative breath-operated musical equipment that allows people with high-level disabilities to sample the magic. 

The technology allows you to build songs note by note, then burn your finished work to a disc. Check out the technical specifications.

It’s FREE – there is no charge for using the VAMS studio.

New fully-accessible studio at GF Strong

The studio is open by appointment Monday morning & afternoon, Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. In addition, we also offer drop-in sessions Tuesday (4pm – 5:30pm) and Thursday (4pm – 6pm). You don’t have to make an appointment to drop-in. 

Book an appointment and come over to see how the VAMS studio can work for you. (The first visit is an orientation session.)

Studio Specifications

Industry-standard Equipment
Industry-standard Equipment

The VAMS studio uses industry-standard equipment including a 64-bit iMac running Apple’s leading DAW software Logic Pro 9 Studio, and an Onyx-1620i Mackie Mixer.

Accessible Equipment
Accessible Equipment

The iMac and M-Audio Axiom 49 keyboard are height-adjustable to accommodate wheelchairs. A jouse – joystick-operated mouse which can be operated by the users’ mouth or chin – and a head mouse can be used to operate the equipment. There is a Jamboxx, a breath-driven musical instrument and midi controller that only requires the use of a users’ mouth and neck to play the instrument.


The studio also contains an Ibanez electric guitar and bass, Takamine semi-acoustic guitar, a left-handed guitar, Roland TD-4 V-Drums, Roland Octapad SPD-30 drums, Yamaha digital piano and a custom vintage tube microphone.


Participants can play instruments live or program sounds note by note to build and record up to 256 track multi-track recording projects, burning their completed work at 24bit/96kHz DVD quality. The studio is also 5.1 capable with a full Blue Sky 5.1 monitoring system.

The Disability Foundation and its affiliated societies comply with COVID-19 protocols as determined by the provincial health authorities (e.g., BC: Our workers and volunteers will follow such protocols and must be vaccinated to work with and within our organizations (offices, program locations, and home visits), unless a medical exemption is in place. To protect our workers and volunteers, we expect our clients and partners to comply with COVID-19 health and safety regulations which means fully vaccinated unless there is a medical exemption. 

Thank you for making everyone’s health and safety the top priority.