sylvi macCormac - Wheels


More than a year in the making and featuring a vast cast, from newcomers to Vancouver’s legendary Dal Richards & His Orchestra – Wheel No. 7 is both epic and accessible.

sylvi macCormac is a talented performer and composer, who has of late been focusing on soundscapes. Her work is filmic, it’s like watching a movie without pictures – actually, listen to Wheel No. 7 with your eyes closed and you are on a journey.

The track is the latest in the long-running Wheels project, which mixes the voices of people with dis-abilities, recorded on location and at the VAMS accessible studio at G.F. Strong Rehab. Centre, with sylvi’s compositions and soundscapes.

The intent of WHEELS is to inspire excite and empower people, encouraging individual creativity and collaborative creative projects. Particular thanks to Dal Richards and the other contributors that made this release possible.

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